Glam Classic Set: typically a longer, Full, dramatic look. This set will provide a fierce yet reserved look. It’s not too much or too little. It’s the fun, flirty, continuous eye batting look. It will give your eyes a jaw dropping lift and pop.

Eyelash Extensions

Glam | Fill In


Eyelash Extensions

Glam | Full Set


Eyelash Extensions AfterCare Remember the first 24 hours are important! Do Not get your eyelash extension wet for the first 24 hours- this includes any moisture such as steam, high humidity and water. Do Not use oil based products on your eyelash extensions and try to limit oil based products on your face. The oil can break down the glue. Keep your eyelash extensions clean! This will help the retention and reduce the build up of bacteria. Brush Your Eyelash Extensions to keep them nice and neat. Do Not Pick and pull your lashes this can pull your natural lashes out. Always Return for fills within 2-3 Weeks